Progress Pictures – 8th May 2014




This is how our building looks today! The walls and roof are virtually complete, and the focus of the construction team is moving inside. The first picture is of the side of the building – the windows to be installed here will look out from the main hall of the community centre over a small garden. The second picture is the front of the building seen from the car park entrance. The part with the lower roof line forms the “sports pavilion” – the changing rooms and facilities for the football and rugby pitches (on the elevated part of the park) and the multi-use games area (known as the “MUGA”) which will be behind the building as you look at it from this point of view. The rest of the building is the Community Centre itself, with the front entrance being the larger of the two openings you can see. There will be tennis courts to the right (where the site office stands now), and a cricket facility behind the building on the left.

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