Progress Pictures – 21 January 2014

Despite the wet conditions and short days, the builders are making good progress. Here are some progress pictures I took on 21st January. I’ll try to explain what we can see here.

This first picture was taken from just to the right of where the entrance to the car park will be on Nicholson Drive. The builder in the middle of the picture is standing roughly where the entrance hallway of the Community Centre will be. The space covered by the steel frames on the left of the picture will be the changing rooms and storage for the sports pitches and “multi use games area” (known on the plans as the MUGA), which will be managed by Bracknell Forest Borough Council. The football/rugby pitches will be on the levelled off grass area up to the left and behind from where this picture was taken. The MUGA will be over behind the new building as you see it in this picture. It will be an artificial surface games area marked out for various sports, enclosed by a fence high enough to contain footballs, basketballs, etc within the playing area, and with floodlighting to allow for games after dark in the winter.

The space under the steel frame on the right of this picture will mostly be the main hall, the largest single room in the Community Centre. A small area at the end closest to the camera will be a plant room for the central heating boiler and other essential equipment.

The area in the middle (between the two sets of steel frames) will incorporate the entrance hallway, a general purpose meeting room, toilets, storage space, a small office space, and two kitchens – a basic kitchen with outside access to cater for outdoor (sports pitch and MUGA) events, and another for indoor events, with serving hatch access to the meeting room and the main hall.

The Community Centre facilities will be managed by The Parks Community Association.



This next picture is a view from the other side of the site. Looking from this side the area under the steel frames on the right will become the changing and storage areas for the sport pitches (uphill, right and forwards from where this picture was taken). Most of area under the steel frames on the left, and the area in the middle, will become the Community Centre. Most of the grass area you can see in this picture will become the Multi Use Games Area.


Finally – this is the car park, which looks rather more finished than other parts of the site. It’s not as steeply sloped as we were initially worried about, but site drainage is still very much a concern.





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