First General Meeting

The first General Meeting of The Parks Community Association was held at Ranelagh School on Wednesday 30th of April. The purpose of the meeting was to update Parks residents on the work that the group of volunteers has been doing recently, to formally adopt the constitution of the association (which has been used informally until now), and to elect members of the committee for the coming year.

Twenty seven people attended – thank you to those that came along! We hope that once the Community Centre is open for activities, and when the annual general meeting can be held at the centre right here on The Parks, we will welcome more people to future meetings!

The constitution was adopted with a unanimous vote by those present.

Members – all Parks residents – were elected to the committee as follows:

Chair – Martin Reilly

Vice-Chair – Elaine White

Secretary – Amy Chapman

Treasurer – Emma Walker

Additional voting committee members –

Becky Bird

Fay McGrath

Stefanie Neumann

Anna Regan

Paul Regan

We’ll update the web site to introduce ourselves over the next few days.



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