Closer and closer!

Spring is starting to clear in the air, and at the last association meeting it certainly had a feel of excitement and spring to it.

As we edge into the year we find ourselves much closer to an agreed hand over date for the centre. Just paperwork seems to be the only thing holding us up at this point.

So, as the association holds more meetings, and has more discussions, it’s getting to that point in time where we are starting to fill out the timetable and look at getting groups booked in ready for the grand opening.

If you haven’t already expressed your interest in using the centre, and potentially being one of the first to do so, please hurry now, see the expressions of interest letter which includes a bid for interest form.

The association is due to meet again in the next couple of weeks, and is looking to discuss potential user groups and timetable clashes before then so you don’t have long to get your interest known!