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Progress Pictures – 8th May 2014




This is how our building looks today! The walls and roof are virtually complete, and the focus of the construction team is moving inside. The first picture is of the side of the building – the windows to be installed here will look out from the main hall of the community centre over a small garden. The second picture is the front of the building seen from the car park entrance. The part with the lower roof line forms the “sports pavilion” – the changing rooms and facilities for the football and rugby pitches (on the elevated part of the park) and the multi-use games area (known as the “MUGA”) which will be behind the building as you look at it from this point of view. The rest of the building is the Community Centre itself, with the front entrance being the larger of the two openings you can see. There will be tennis courts to the right (where the site office stands now), and a cricket facility behind the building on the left.

First General Meeting

The first General Meeting of The Parks Community Association was held at Ranelagh School on Wednesday 30th of April. The purpose of the meeting was to update Parks residents on the work that the group of volunteers has been doing recently, to formally adopt the constitution of the association (which has been used informally until now), and to elect members of the committee for the coming year.

Twenty seven people attended – thank you to those that came along! We hope that once the Community Centre is open for activities, and when the annual general meeting can be held at the centre right here on The Parks, we will welcome more people to future meetings!

The constitution was adopted with a unanimous vote by those present.

Members – all Parks residents – were elected to the committee as follows:

Chair – Martin Reilly

Vice-Chair – Elaine White

Secretary – Amy Chapman

Treasurer – Emma Walker

Additional voting committee members –

Becky Bird

Fay McGrath

Stefanie Neumann

Anna Regan

Paul Regan

We’ll update the web site to introduce ourselves over the next few days.



Progress Pictures – 21 January 2014

Despite the wet conditions and short days, the builders are making good progress. Here are some progress pictures I took on 21st January. I’ll try to explain what we can see here.

This first picture was taken from just to the right of where the entrance to the car park will be on Nicholson Drive. The builder in the middle of the picture is standing roughly where the entrance hallway of the Community Centre will be. The space covered by the steel frames on the left of the picture will be the changing rooms and storage for the sports pitches and “multi use games area” (known on the plans as the MUGA), which will be managed by Bracknell Forest Borough Council. The football/rugby pitches will be on the levelled off grass area up to the left and behind from where this picture was taken. The MUGA will be over behind the new building as you see it in this picture. It will be an artificial surface games area marked out for various sports, enclosed by a fence high enough to contain footballs, basketballs, etc within the playing area, and with floodlighting to allow for games after dark in the winter.

The space under the steel frame on the right of this picture will mostly be the main hall, the largest single room in the Community Centre. A small area at the end closest to the camera will be a plant room for the central heating boiler and other essential equipment.

The area in the middle (between the two sets of steel frames) will incorporate the entrance hallway, a general purpose meeting room, toilets, storage space, a small office space, and two kitchens – a basic kitchen with outside access to cater for outdoor (sports pitch and MUGA) events, and another for indoor events, with serving hatch access to the meeting room and the main hall.

The Community Centre facilities will be managed by The Parks Community Association.



This next picture is a view from the other side of the site. Looking from this side the area under the steel frames on the right will become the changing and storage areas for the sport pitches (uphill, right and forwards from where this picture was taken). Most of area under the steel frames on the left, and the area in the middle, will become the Community Centre. Most of the grass area you can see in this picture will become the Multi Use Games Area.


Finally – this is the car park, which looks rather more finished than other parts of the site. It’s not as steeply sloped as we were initially worried about, but site drainage is still very much a concern.





Community Meeting – 6th February

The Community Association would like to welcome you to a community meeting to discuss –

  • The new Community Centre (due for completion this summer!)
  • How to have your voice heard about the building and activities to be run there
  • How to get involved with the Community Association

The meeting will start at 7.30pm on Thursday February 6th at Ranelagh School, Ranelagh Drive (opposite the Blue Lion pub on Broad Lane). We look forward to seeing you there!

We want to know what you think!

In partnership with Bracknell Forest Borough Council, we have created a community survey to find out what the residents of The Parks would like to see at the new Community Centre. This survey captures the needs of the community as well as information about the community itself.

You can complete the questionnaire online by clicking here.

If you would prefer to complete a paper copy you can request one by email to – include your address and we’ll drop one off to you.

If you have any questions, need help in completing this questionnaire or would like a copy of the survey in large print, Braille, easy read, any other format or a translation into other languages, please call 01344 352000 or email

We look forward to receiving your survey responses!